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LPWAN communications

The LPWAN or Low Power Wide Area Networks communications are, as indicate the acronym, the wireless networks of wide area coverage and low energy consumption.

They are especially suitable for the transmission of telemetries (small amounts of data) over long distances, due to their low energy consumption and cost (CAPEX and OPEX).

Our vision

At MOLUKAS LABS we consider the different LPWAN technologies (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, etc.) as complementary, not competitive.

We analyze each use case individually, defining which technology is the most appropriate, always looking for the most efficient solution for our clients.

In this sense we define ourselves as technologically “agnostic”.




* According to section 7.2.3 of the ETSI EN300.220 standard, it cannot exceed 1% of the duty cycle

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